Sunday, November 22, 2009

good year, 2009

wrapping up what i had gone through this year. i know December is still a week away, but i feel like writing it now.

the year started with a chance of Performance Bonus!

i was so happy to have received my 3.2 months bonus early this year, then I bought a DSLR camera as a reward for my own self.

having this camera in hand, it leads to a hobby - photography. since last January, I had at least went out once a month for photography sessions with friends, colleagues, and other forum members. it was awesome. until i found myself busy editing pictures all day long, then I start to realize this hobby has slowly develop my photography and photo-editing skills. months gone by, just because of DSLR, i have gone to outside malaysia and some other states in malaysia, which i have never done before.

there were many years gone before 2009, but i have never stepped in to penang, perak, kedah and many other states. i never even own a passport to have visited to other country. but today, only in this year, i have visited many, all with the reason of photography.

pictures collections are thousands, and I have upgraded my dslr for 3 times.

but today, it has been a month now since i sold my camera. it was kinda sad to have it sold.

for one reason. I have got a new job, and I am quite desperate in need of cash to support my training period. therefore I have no choice to let it go.

soon, it will be mine again.

this year is almost to an end, and I will start the new job in december.

good year started with good news, and end with even better news for me.