Sunday, November 22, 2009

good year, 2009

wrapping up what i had gone through this year. i know December is still a week away, but i feel like writing it now.

the year started with a chance of Performance Bonus!

i was so happy to have received my 3.2 months bonus early this year, then I bought a DSLR camera as a reward for my own self.

having this camera in hand, it leads to a hobby - photography. since last January, I had at least went out once a month for photography sessions with friends, colleagues, and other forum members. it was awesome. until i found myself busy editing pictures all day long, then I start to realize this hobby has slowly develop my photography and photo-editing skills. months gone by, just because of DSLR, i have gone to outside malaysia and some other states in malaysia, which i have never done before.

there were many years gone before 2009, but i have never stepped in to penang, perak, kedah and many other states. i never even own a passport to have visited to other country. but today, only in this year, i have visited many, all with the reason of photography.

pictures collections are thousands, and I have upgraded my dslr for 3 times.

but today, it has been a month now since i sold my camera. it was kinda sad to have it sold.

for one reason. I have got a new job, and I am quite desperate in need of cash to support my training period. therefore I have no choice to let it go.

soon, it will be mine again.

this year is almost to an end, and I will start the new job in december.

good year started with good news, and end with even better news for me.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

silly to have crush on you

i am trapped in love that wasnt supposed to live in me. it's you! day and night it kept me thinking how i wish i can be with you all the time. but i know it's not possible. so kill me now and let me leave in peace..

or hate me and let me be myself again, and stop dreaming of you.

pinch me to have me awake, so i could live again without you in my head. only you can give me the strength to have live again. you

kiss me now and together we will stuck in my dream. so kiss me not