Saturday, April 02, 2011

Perth, Australia

just got back from the Swan Bells, Perth. hangin' out at night by the Swan River, it really reminds me of Putrajaya back in Malaysia, Presint 2 to be exact. in fact, nothing much different. the city scraper layout and town planning are pretty much the same. i wonder if this is just a coincidence.

anyway, note to self, Perth is a good retirement place to settle. shops and restaurants closes at early evening, normally 8pm, 6pm on the Saturday and even 12-5pm on Sundays. dinner has to be at home i guess. convenient store closes at midnight. what, no 24-hours service?

walking at night during the weekend, quite happening. silent town at night, but people walking by quite a number, cheering the night with friends, dresses beautifully, nice-looking cars, party on private boat, nice.

Perth seems like an international town, many asians around from chinese, malay, indonesian, korean and japanese. all in one place. food? pretty much easy to get and halal food is easy to find.

looking forward for a nice outing tomorrow, sunday in perth!