Thursday, February 24, 2011

early wake-up

it's only 5am, and i have my eyes wide open. the fact is that i slept much earlier, as early as 4pm in the evening yesterday. bad. oh other words, i slept for 13 hours.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

this job is not my finest decision

what i'm doing now is definitely not what i really want to do exactly. this job is taking my time, all time for a year now.

previously when i work in office, i have all the freedom, i can do many things before and after work, even sometimes during work. had lotsa fun with colleagues you see everyday, organizing outdoor activities, sports, outings and team buildings.

what i'm doing now, is not like before. this job take me places, but i miss the moment having people i know around me in office.

i miss the joke, the cheer, the laughter, the spirit of achieving target, the teamwork, the unity.

it all does not exist now. working with different people every single day, with many characters to deal with, to face with. building rapport seems harder, almost impossible.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

and i'm home on sunday, finally!

the last time i spent my sunday at home was last year' december, been quite awhile. now i have fridge at home, still empty inside except for one bottle of drinking water. perhaps today is a good day to shop some groceries and fill up my fridge.

right now i'm at the living room with my lappy, with coffe and maggi mee next to me while watching tv. so long i didnt switch on this tv, lucky it's still working.

friend just tweet me about the sarawak trip, and today is a good day to do some study on the trip. happy sunday :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

to koh samui in march and sarawak in June

just got back from Osaka, Japan. such a clean place, where the road is empty but the subway is packed with millions of people rushing to get home after work. lovely japan and the people. cant wait to be there again.

next month will be the month i waited for, for my trip to koh samui. the plan is to take a train to hat yai and continue the journey by bus to surat thani, then from there, proceed by boat to koh samui. actual planning is 5 days with air ticket, but considering train and bus travel, friends and i have to add extra 4 days.

new plan popped up this morning when another friend suggested me to backpack to sarawak, exploring the whole sarawak next june/july and i said yes, definitely. i have been dreaming to travel to sarawak since i was in school sitting on those small wooden chair facing the green board (but mind goes wandering). i still remember the time when i emailed few travel agency to get quotation on sarawak package, but somehow my school saving always goes to other stuff.

this time, i'll go.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Kansai i'm coming!

just got back from Jakarta, an awesome place for night life i guess. then i'll be going to Kansai, Osaka today, and the temperature reading is at about 10 degree celsius, not as bad as Incheon, and that's almost about the same temperature in New Delhi, phew~

i've never been to Kansai, and my flight today will be at 11.30pm (gmt +8)

other than food, which i know it would be quite costly, now i'm searching for anything else that i can do over there.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Antara Ayer Dan Jakarta

i'm going to Jakarta shortly, the last time i went there was the last new year, a month ago. i love Jakarta, i love Jakarta, i love Jakarta.