Thursday, December 09, 2010


i have stopped blogging for quite sometimes now, and today i decided to fix my desktop to use it (after living a whole year without a computer). so i posted a new blog entry, then suddenly i remember that i had an adsense account. geez so long till i forget~

so today, i was surprised to see that my adsense still generating a stable amount for me. gosh i should have not stop blogging :P

so now i remember that i have not only 2, but more blogs around. i understand how search engine helps in generating traffic, i just forgotten that i had more than one blog. kick me~

Great year ahead

i didnt blog much these days. the last time i posted an entry was in 2009, and i am still wondering if i should just ignore writing this one.

heck, why not?

a year, that's the duration since i am attached with my new company. flying everywhere around asia and gulf countries is fun when i get to see many places, understand many ways of communicating with people regardless of language.

sadly, i havent got myself a new dslr camera, yet. that said, all my travel is wasted for not being able to capture every moment while i was away. borrowing is not an option.

whatever it is, i dont see i'm having a new camera for the next one year. 2010 has been a huge challenge for me that i have to learn what's wants and what's needs. to understand what scarcity is.

let's pray for a better future.