Friday, January 28, 2011

-8 degree celsius and coffee

and now i'm at the hotel room, waiting for sun to rise above head, so that it does not feel so freakin' cold like now. it's 10am in the morning. waiting for the right time to break the hotel door and have a look around town.

Korean tv. i always feel so good listening to Korean and Indonesian.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

to shiver in winter

my flight tonight will be at 11.30pm, arrival sometimes in the morning. keyword, morning.

i bet i'll be cold as hell that i will go shiver. god help me. winter coat please help, but i doubt it since i've never face such a weather in my life.

things to do in Incheon, Korea perhaps will remain as only a plan. if the weather is doing good with me, chances are friends and i will go visit somewhere, or just hop around town.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

the morning thought

it's morning and i am now having my coffee with some toast and eggs. it's almost a daily routine to have a breakfast like this, and i guess it's pretty much the same for everyone else. only different here, we have an option to have western or local breakfast.

today is an off day, and tomorrow i'll be going to Incheon, Korea. weather forcast says current temperature in Incheon is -18 degree celcius. i cant stand a minute under -1 degree, and how am i gonna face whole day under -18? hope winter coat will give me enough heat to stand just a little while. 

going away during winter perhaps never a good idea. 

i just sipped through my last cup of coffee. need to order another one, now.

later today, i made a promise to myself to go out to pay bills, summons and pay a visit to my mom. she just ordered a fridge for my house. therefore i have to take the fridge and bring back home. luckily my brother own a truck so i can cary the giant without any problem otherwise i have to rent a truck somewhere else.

my house currently furnished with all the necessary, except fridge. thanks mom :)


i just bought macbook pro. i am not happy when i figured that i cant do much with it, since i am not familiar with apple computer system. how to use right click on macbook? and how do i set up internet connection if i have my pda as a modem?

hell, this is tough and i need some time to learn.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

sleepy head

mata pedih kepala pun pusing. badan sakit tapi masih malas nak tido. keyword, "malas nak tido".

blergh~ sleeping is the easiest action i can do, but to put it in better words, i just dont want to sleep, yet.

Friday, January 21, 2011


i just got back from New Delhi, India. not a long holiday, just a short one.

while in New Delhi, i stayed in Le Meridian Hotel, nicely decorated hotel with modern design, however the architecture are still an old one, the hotel just had a face-lift not too long ago.

so yeah, places i visited? not much, spend some time with fellow colleagues to the Janpath and Sarojini market. these two market are the two quite well-known market in Delhi, this is the place where you can bargain for almost everything sold here. nice? it was just okay. the majority shops here are selling clothing items.