Wednesday, May 23, 2007


ouch i am not in a good time. this month is the worst i ever experience. i did not settle any of my job but one, i was not paid for everything, i am penniless, and not to forget i still have about 8 days to go, before Jun come.

working as an employee is okay, just that i never have a freedom. not like when i do my full-time freelance job. doing freelance is just nice.. but yeah i have to struggle to find my job to earn cash. otherwise i'll be sitting doing nothing. but one thing about freelance, one job is enough to cover one month expenses.. isn't that good?

i am considering on my current job as an employee.. preparing myself with a better skill and good portfolio, then i'll quit my job, focusing on my hobby to be a full-time freelancer. market is world-wide, just have to be well enough in marketing. strategy is one thing that i must plan carefully, to make sure i will never regret and never want to turn back.

making a decision is quite hard isn't it?

Saturday, May 12, 2007

mother's day

well you know, mother's day, and we call it "hari ibu" in my language (malay). believe it or not, i have never celebrated the day for my beloved mom. love her i do, but never celebrate any for her, not even her birthday. am i bad? or am i just too bad to be her son?

i do have the feeling of wanting to celebrate one of these days for her, to show my love, and to prove that i actually love her as my only mother. but yeah, even i cant explain why i never celebrate one. perhaps, i should do something now. but, can anyone help me? would it be weird to my mom if this is my first time celebrating for her? will she be proud, happy, or just curious?


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