Sunday, March 26, 2006

oh, it's a 'sleeping day"!

gawd~ i slept the whole fuckin day today! wo ho ho... looks like i missed a lot of things, all the happening things on saturday! i missed tv! i missed astro! i missed HBO! i missed going out with my useless friends! (ops, they never useless, really!)

how could that happened? why there was no body care to wake me up!? i'm confused~ and i'm blurr now. darn it. , jam 6 petang baru bangun? oh sungguh kecewa.

oh, night time, i met up with friends.. a friend called me up for outing, lepak macam biasa jer, but this time, he asked me to bring the girl i admire.. huh? how dare him ask me to do so! i just admire that girl, doesn mean i can bring the girl anywhere i go! duh!

but somehow, luckily i called up her brother (just so you know, so happen that the girl i admire is my friend's sister!) heheh.. so we were out at serdang F1 restaurant.. oh, so clever that time my friend came with one girl as well! cheh, no wonder.. couple nite out lah nih.. bleh..

Saturday, March 25, 2006

network.. anyone?

i attended a weekly meeting of one multy-level marketing company just now, somewhere in pj (nah, dont have to mention the name, do i?), and there was damn a lot of people! pergh, parking bersepah tu! i dont know how these people (yang join lah) enjoy doin all these things.. (*wondering*)

and there was a guy.. friend of a friend of mine, he actually did workin on something to get a downline (a term they normally use), erm, from outside advertising? anyway, and there was a guy (also), somehow interested, so contacted this friend of a friend of mine.. then they met up last couple of hours. he met that guy alone.. somewhere else..

and when he done, he came back to us, you know what he said? hah funny when he is the one who suposed to approach that fella, but things go in other way round.. yes, that fella approached him for another marketing company (multy-level as well, duh!)

hahah, then all of us (our bunch of group) was loughing at him.. till he get mad you no! too bad dude.. kah kah kah!

eh, no, i did not join them ok.. perhaps one day i'll join, and there is a possibility..

anyway, can you imagine when you are selling a stuff to a person, you made an appoinment for that, but end up you buying stuff from that person.. tak pelik ker tuh? nampak sangat you dont have the appropriate skill! so pity.. then dont do this kind of job lah.. keje kat kedai cuci kereta pun dapat duit juga kan.

Friday, March 24, 2006

blog? apa tu? mengapa? bagaimana?

blog sana, blog sini, and my blog? this is it! you reading it now..

"what is blog?"

that was my question when first promoted by someone to write a blog. wait, was it someone? or.. erm, i'm not sure.. no really. could be someone, or somebody.. but anyway, yeah this is blog.

so what is blog? i seriously do not know about it. for god sake, i've been blogging for the past 3 years, all i know is write, express, conteng, mengarut, and then post it in one single click. then? wah, it's online! hahah!

hey, itu dulu.. memang sengal sket, but now think i'm smarter.. (credit to myself :P)

blog is something like your own diary.. or perhaps it is? just the matter you want it to be private, or public so that your friends can read it and share. this (the second) way, i think is much more better. anyway, there's always pros and cons.. you decide lah~ tapi kalau private, simpan bawah katil pun takpe, tak perlu bersusah nak publish on the net, buang karen (letrik lah)

why do we blog? hey, sungguh ku juga tak mengetahui.. saja suka suka nak post. no one said it shall not be posted when you dont have a reason.. no? it's all up yours (up your ass!)

eh, then how do we blog? erm.. ops gosh, i'm sick or writing today lah.. nevermine you help me answer

oh tidak!

oh tidak!

no! another blog is comin out!

apalah, ambil saja ini sbg bahan bacaan boleh? idak?

uiks~ tidak, ini bukan contengan, tapi hasil taipan jemari gue (*wink) yang lemah (ops..), pemikiran yang tak kurang kolot, konon hebat bercerita panjang. tapi takpa, lihatkan aja, sampai kemana arah tuju buntu-ku ini. eh, buntu sebelum bertemu jalan buntu?

oh tidak!

tapikan ini semua hanya coretan elektronik, tak kemana perginya melainkan ke serata rangkaian web aja. dont dream lah.