Wednesday, March 23, 2011

KL - Phuket - Ko Phangan - Phuket - KL

wow, just cant imagine i made it to ko phangan in thailand, though it was a pack-and-go plan during malaysia's peak holiday season.

we do have direct flight from KL (subang airport) to Ko Samui (nearer to Ko Phangan) unfortunately all seat were fully booked. i nearly cancelled the plan knowing that it was fully booked, but having a friend with me, makes it a little crazier. so we divert our route from KL to Phuket, stayed one night (it was a great night in phuket though!). we arrived at Phuket at about 6pm in the evening, lucky to get a nice hotel room at only 600 thai bhat, just at the corner of Bangla Road (phuket's most happening road)

since our mission is to get to Ko Phangan, we had to leave the next morning at 6.45am to get a bus. the pick-up van was so puntual, right at 6.45 sharp it's already in front of our hotel lobby.

the van took us to phuket city, about 1 hour jorney from patong. then we took a 5-hour bus ride to Suratthani, change bus and get another 1-hour bus ride which took us to the nearest pier. from the pier, we took a speed boat to Ko Phangan, arrived at the shore at about 1 hour and 30 minutes later. and then we took a taxi to haadrin beach where all the happing is.

damn, 6.45 we started our journey and we only arrived at haadrin beach at about 7pm in the evening (includes all ride and transit time).

nevertheless, it really was worth it. haadrin beach is one in a million.

the next day, we departed at 12 noon, repeat the same taxi-boat-bus-van ride. spend another night at phuket and depart back to kl the next morning.

there it goes, basically we didnt actually get to spend our 'day', but our 'night' was crazy and awesome!

i used to go to bali few times a year, maybe now i'll go for phuket


  1. awesome.. mesti best.. aduh.. I really wanna get there..

  2. oh yeah you have to get there, thailand has so much to offer from sightseeing to entertainment and shopping!

  3. i guess not now. not yet. huhu:'(

  4. why not? you have the advantage to travel while you are a student

  5. it's all about money and time.. huhuh

  6. save some scholarship! hehe

  7. scholarship la sangatt! haha