Friday, March 25, 2011

rambling 2

this month sometimes 5 years ago, i still remember working as a cashier at one of local cybercafe for 12 hours at night (9pm - 9am), and doing unit trust fund sales during the day. how i did it, i am not too sure myself. but somehow, i did it.

working in cybercafe gave me a lot of time practicing my web design skills, that's how i got to do some designing for local companies.

unit trust? i did a few sales, but it was a joke to me. i am not a sales guy.

3 months working in cybercafe, then i decided to quite and go all out focusing on design. i secured a few job based on mouth to mouth marketing. not a huge success but i survived anyway. 9 months i survived in this business without doing any other job. it was full of hard work. i remember renting an office space in Rawang, sleep inside the store room (it was huge and empty anyway), eating the same roti canai every single day, living with only less than RM10 bucks for a week, struggling on petrol meeting clients and more..

i remember being broke.

9 months past, i could not take it any longer.. i got a myself a job, and till today, 4 years of working a full-time job. ups and downs was never the same to compare to my Rawang experience.

and today, my pocket is never empty. it got me stuck somehow, i dont know what to eat.


  1. pepatah melayu menyebut, 'susah2 dahulu, senang2 kemudian'. See? It really happen in your life right...? Sounds great that now you've gone through that phrase while i'm still here stuck in that phrase and struggling doing my studies and broke all the time. . .

  2. being a students are always awesome. i always wish i'm still 19 and i can go to college.. but my time had passes.. i'm thankful though

  3. anyway, u survive still.. :)